Blue Penguin Update

It is the end of the breeding season for the little blue penguins at Taiaroa Head.Most adult penguins have finished their annual moult and the chicks have fledged from the reserve, just a small handful left to go. Numbers seen at this time of year on tour range between 15 – 30 penguins coming ashore. read more →

March Update

COLONY UPDATE MARCH Webcam chick was 3kgs today so that is a good weight for its age. Another chick that is just 3 days older than webcam chick weighed in at 4.9 kgs (It turned its back on its dad which I think, is albatross for “none for me today thanks” when his dad arrived.. read more →

Albatross & Blue Penguin Update

What a great season it has been so far. We now have 34 Albatross nest, they are currently incubating their single egg. They will start to hatch from mid-January to mid-February 2017.95 individual albatross reported seen for the 2016-17 season. We have 4 albatross nesting on view from our main viewing observatory that we can.. read more →

Colony Update: 15-October

41 Albatross have been recorded so far, more on their way as we lead more into the albatross breeding and nest establishment period. The las two days, 100% of our tours have seen albatross on land and in flight as the wind has been prefect.   read more →

Albatross Update – October 2016

It has been a fantastic season at the Royal Albatross Centre. We have 3 Albatross chicks still in the reserve, 23 chicks have fledged and will spend 4 – 10 years out at sea before returning back to the mainland. Moana our famous and loved Albatross chick has also fledged. What is viewing like at.. read more →

Glenfalloch Nature Challenge

The Great Nature Challenge was launched during the International Science Festival in July. Family groups were charged with using a map to find birds and trees around the garden and then challenged with a variety of activities like creating a bird out of natures rubbish and making a bird feeder. Points were gained for completing the.. read more →

Cold Day at Pukekura

It was a cold start to the day at Pukekukra (Taiaroa Head). The Albatross chicks were hearty and kept warm. Not far now until they take their very first flight from the colony to spend 5 years out at sea before touching land. read more →

Midwinter School Holiday Fun From Otago Peninsula Trust.

Otago Peninsula is full of fun and educational events these Winter holidays. Families and children are invited to take part in special events, great deals and enjoy the area’s unique attractions as Otago Peninsula Trust takes part in both the International Science Festival and Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival. “We want families to come and explore.. read more →

Penguin Nest box making

Year 9 & 10 students from Dunedin schools that were selected to attend the Tracking Pukekura Blue Penguins programme are today putting together the Penguin nest boxes that will soon be placed in the Pilots Beach reserve were little blue penguins thrive since full protection and monitoring starting in 2012. Thanks to Otago Participatory Science Platform there is no.. read more →


Fitting name for famous albatross chick The royal cam albatross chick at Pukekura/Taiaroa Head has been named “Moana”.  Announcing the winning name, the Department of Conservation’s threatened species ambassador Nicola Toki said Moana is the Māori name for ocean, sea, wide expanse of water. He manu o te moana means a bird of the sea… read more →