A Record Season!

Albatross Centre

What a record season that was!

Well that’s a wrap for the 2020/2021 season here at Pukekura “Taiaroa Head”

42 eggs were laid for the season, over 140 individuals recorded/ seen by the Department of Conservation Rangers. 30 chicks successfully fledged from the colony where they will spend the next 5 years out at sea, before returning back as adolescents.

Tiaki (Royal Cam chick) fledged on the 25 September, she has a GPS on her back and can easily been seen here – click here you can see where she is located and watch her journey to the South American coast.

As we rock into the 2021/2022 season and new season albatross returning for another breeding season. So far 69 individuals have been seen, “including Buttons (Grandma’s chick) and Toroa (500th chick to hatch)” this time of the year. Males generally return back first with their female partner returns within hours, days or sometimes weeks. Nest building and mating occurs as they re-establish their pair bond and then that single egg is laid during November.

Fingers crossed for another amazing albatross season. Keep up to date with the Royal Cam

Northern Royal Albatross