First albatross chicks for 2019

Media Release 21 January 2019 First albatross chick for 2019 hatches The first chicks of the 2018/19 breeding season for the Royal Albatross Colony at Pukekura were welcomed today with three newly hatched chicks seen by DOC Rangers. In a Dunedin tradition a “Happy Birthday” flag flys from the Dunedin City Council’s Mayoral Flagpole to.. read more →

Albatross Update: September 2018

As we make our way into the new Albatross breeding season, so far 11 chicks have fledged for their first ever flight to make their big journey around the southern hemisphere to spend 5 years out at sea before returning back to land at Pukekura “Taiaroa Head”, 2 Albatross chicks are still here waiting for.. read more →

Albatross Update – June 2018

Its been a cold winter, but all 13 chicks are doing very well. Royal cam chick weighed 8.0kg this week on day 156. The heaviest was 11 kg and the lightest was 7.2kg. The 4 Albatross chicks on view from our viewing observatory are weighing between 8 – 9 kgs and are starting to grow their.. read more →

Albatross Update – December 2017

Well it has been very warm in Dunedin over the last week, which is not too great for our Albatross at Taiaroa Head. For the 2017-18 season, 141 birds have been recorded/spotted. we have had 33 eggs laid, 6 of which have been placed into the incubator, 2 eggs have been broken, 30 of which have.. read more →

Blue Penguin Update

It is the end of the breeding season for the little blue penguins at Taiaroa Head.Most adult penguins have finished their annual moult and the chicks have fledged from the reserve, just a small handful left to go. Numbers seen at this time of year on tour range between 15 – 30 penguins coming ashore. read more →

March Update

COLONY UPDATE MARCH Webcam chick was 3kgs today so that is a good weight for its age. Another chick that is just 3 days older than webcam chick weighed in at 4.9 kgs (It turned its back on its dad which I think, is albatross for “none for me today thanks” when his dad arrived.. read more →

Midwinter School Holiday Fun From Otago Peninsula Trust.

Otago Peninsula is full of fun and educational events these Winter holidays. Families and children are invited to take part in special events, great deals and enjoy the area’s unique attractions as Otago Peninsula Trust takes part in both the International Science Festival and Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival. “We want families to come and explore.. read more →

Royal Albatross Chick Hatching (January)

A Royal Albatross chicks hatches at the world’s only mainland breeding colony of royal albatross. So far 11 albatross chicks have hatched with now 18 chick left. Click the button below to view on YouTube. YouTube – Chick Hatching read more →

An Albatross love story!

An Albatross love story – see link below to Love Story! read more →