Early Childhood

Albatross Pre-School Programme

This new programme for 4-5 year olds looks at the daily life of an albatross chick and how the young birds are looked after during the first year of their life. Find out how albatross chicks are fed, learn to fly and play. Dress up as an albatross and imagine what it would be like to soar over the ocean waves.

Time: 1 hour
Age Focus: 3-4 yr olds
Availability: Mornings (May to October)
Cost: $5/person (under 2 years: Free)


Albatross Pre-School Programme Plan

Time: Activity:
Arrive, meet guide at Albatross Centre Reception – please arrive 10 minutes early
0 min Education Room (30 min)

  • What is a bird?
  • Albatross dress-up (simplified)
  • Build an albatross nest
  • Care for an albatross chick
  • Compare weight of chick at different ages
30 min Observatory (20 min)

  • Flight practice on walk up/down hill (10 min)
  • Look for birds and nests
  • Make observations about their home
  • Albatross Chicks – how do they spend their day?
50 min Education Room (30 min)

  • Introduce other wildlife at Taiaroa Head
  • Seabird dress-ups
  • Albatross / lighthouse puzzles
  • Albatross story
  • Albatross song (to the tune of Wheels on the Bus)
1 hr 20 min Depart