Birds – A is for Albatross, B is for Bird

Discover what makes a bird a bird and how the Royal Albatross is adapted for life at sea. Investigate the lifecycle of the albatross and where they go when they leave Taiaroa Head. Find out what other birds live and breed on the headland. Experience how the wildlife rangers look after these birds and why they are so special to the Maori people.

Time: 1.5 hours
Age Focus: Years 1-3
Curriculum Area: Science (Level 1-2, LW – Achievement Objectives 1-4)
Cost: $4/person


Time: Activity:
Arrive, meet guide at reception – please arrive 10 minutes early
0 min Education Room (30 min)
– Albatross food – ice breaker activity
– Albatross dress-up
– Albatross life cycle display
– Weighted Albatross Chicks
30 min Observatory (30 min)
– Albatross Viewing
– Weighted Albatross Chicks
1 Hour Education Rm (30 min)
– Scavenger Hunt
– How to make an Albatross Happy / pass the parcel
1.5 hrs Depart