Litter Free Oceans

Join the Royal Albatross Centre and Sustainable Coastlines to be part of a grassroots solution to litter in Aotearoa. Students will carry out a marine debris survey at Pilots Beach (adjacent to the Royal Albatross Centre) and contribute to a national citizen science project. Students will investigate the impact of marine debris on the local wildlife and investigate the source of the problem as part of the programme.

This programme is 2 hours 15 mins (see schedule below) or the litter survey can be added on to another education programme at the Albatross Centre (plan for an additional 1.5 hours).

Time: 2 hours – Cost: $4/per person

Age Focus: Year 4 – 8 – Curriculum Area: Science, Nature of Science

0 minsIntroduction – Education Room – (15mins)
– Welcome
– Programme Overview and curriculum objectives
– Introduce marine wildlife living at Pukekura
– Overview of litter survey (Health and Safety)
15minsWildlife Viewing – Observatory or Cliff Viewing area (30mins)
– Species identification
– Behaviour of wildlife (breeding, feeding etc)
– Issues facing our wildlife
45 minLitter Survey – Pilots Beach (30mins)
– Brief history of beach
– Introduce survey methods
– Rubbish collection
1 hr 15 minLitter Audit – Education Room (45mins)
– Investigating the source of debris
– Sorting of rubbish into categories
– Counting / Weighing
2 hrDiscussion – Education Room (15mins)
– Discussion of results
– Impact om marine wildlife
– Solutions
2 hr 15 minDepart