Maori History

Maori History – Pukekura Toroa

Maori History – Pukekura Toroa Taiaroa Head, also known as Pukekura, is an important site to Kai Tahu whanui. In addition to being the location of a pa (fortified village), toroa (albatross) hold spiritual significance and are a symbol of peace. Students have a wonderful opportunity to experience the Maori history of the area through stories and observations. The ancestry is recorded through a beautiful Poutokomanawa (carved by the people of Otakou) and children are told the legend of Tarewai. They discover the significance of the albatross feathers woven in a tukutuku panel. Educational games highlight the use of the local resources and the programme ends with a locally composed waiata.

Time: 2 hours
Age Focus: Years 2-6
Curriculum Area: Social Studies (Level 2-4), Maori
Cost: $4/person

Teacher's Guide

Time: Activity:
Arrive, meet guide at reception – please arrive 10 minutes early
0 min Displays (15 min)
– Story of Tarawai
– Pou, Tuku Tuku panelsEducation Room (15 min)
– Intro to how different groups view and use Pukekura
30 min Observatory (30 min)
– Viewing of site and wildlife
– Maori language (place names, bird names, colours, numbers)
– Parts of Toroa (game)
– Importance of seabirds to Maori (game))
1 hour Education Room (30 min)
– Timeline Game
– Maori Resources game
– Tarewai game, Whai – make toroa with string
– Kai crossword
– Whakapapa crossword
1.5 hours Education Room (30 min)
– Waiata
– Wrap-up
2 hours Depart