NEW! Royal Family

The Meet the Royal Family page is worth a look too as there is now a couple of videos on here if you scroll down.

The cam has moved 4m north to get an optimal view of LGK and LGL’s nest. We will not be featuring the nest to the right which is RLK and GLG although we will see them around as they are within view of the cam when zoomed out or panning.

It looks like the final egg laid count will be 41, second-highest ever and does not include any female/female pairs, which in the past have boosted the egg count as they lay an egg each.

This post has been delayed by the arrival of LGL at the nest, lots of allo-preening, but LGK is in no hurry to hop off the nest, despite having been on incubation duty for 13 days. It shows how robust the albatross is that they can last for this long without food. They are in good condition at this stage having built up fat stores over the last year following the fledging of their first chick, Karere.

The egg will remain at the nest now that LGL is in.