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Online Education – Zoom Programmes

We have a range of programmes for all school ages which cover behaviour, adaptations, human impact, conservation science and more.

A is for Albatross is aimed at Year 1-3 students and talks about the features of birds and how they are adapted to life at sea. We cover the lifecycle of the Northern Royal Albatross, where they go when they leave Pukekura, and learn about other species breeding on the headland.

Flight and Feathers is aimed at Year 4-8 students with the objective to understand how birds are finely tuned to perfectly suit their environment. The programme looks at wing shapes, flight style and types of feathers, and we discuss how these influence the birds ability to thrive in their specific ecosystem.

Conservation Science is aimed at Year 7-10 students and illustrates monitoring and protection methods used by rangers including weighing, predator trapping and hazard assessment. We identify threats to wildlife and discuss both positive and negative human impacts on the ecosystem.

Our Zoom programmes will run for approximately 40 minutes and will be a set rate of $40 per group/session. If you are interested in booking one of our Zoom programmes, contact us on and let us know if you have any specific learning objectives you would like the programme to cover.

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