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You will see below a range of resources for students: Primary, Secondary and All Levels. All are available free of charge – just click on the links to download what you would like to use.

Life of the Royals – Educational Resource

 ‘Getting to Know the Royal Albatross’ – Pre & Post Trip Activities sheet (PDF)1 27 KB

A is for Albatross, B is for Bird Word Puzzle(PDF) 73.4 KB

AlbatrossSeabird observation Sheet (PDF) 164 KB

Albatross Conservation Cartoon Story(PDF) 1021 KB

Albatross Maths Activity(PDF) 270 KB

Design A Penguin Nest Box (PDF) 39 KB

Design A Penguin Tag (PDF) 122 KB

Bird Count Form – Taiaroa Head(PDF) 2,000 KB

Create your own Albatross Mask(PDF) 91.2 KB

Flight & Feathers – Student Worksheet (PDF) 299 KB

Food Chain – card game(PDF) 1250 KB

Fort Taiaroa War Office Game(PDF) 575 KB

Little Blue Penguin Game(PDF) 138 KB

Make an Albatross Happy(PDF) 270 KB

Tracking Our Trash(PDF) 170 KB

Pukekura Place Names Activity & Answer Sheet(PDF) 501 KB

Toroa at Taiaroa Work Sheet