Albatross & Blue Penguin Update

What a great season it has been so far. We now have 34 Albatross nest, they are currently incubating their single egg. They will start to hatch from mid-January to mid-February 2017.95 individual albatross reported seen for the 2016-17 season. We have 4 albatross nesting on view from our main viewing observatory that we can guarantee sighting of.

Visitors have been seeing over 100 penguins each night on our Little Blue Penguin tour. Some nights have even seen over 200 penguins coming ashore. Great time of the year for seeing the penguins as we are within the breeding season.

Tours are currently starting at 8.45pm, but a the daylight hours extend, in the next week, our tour will begin at 9:00pm. Contact us before heading to the Royal Albatross Centre for more information and tour timings.

We hope to see you soon.