Albatross Update – October 2016

It has been a fantastic season at the Royal Albatross Centre. We have 3 Albatross chicks still in the reserve, 23 chicks have fledged and will spend 4 – 10 years out at sea before returning back to the mainland. Moana our famous and loved Albatross chick has also fledged.

What is viewing like at the moment.

We have been sighting one to two albatross chicks on view from our viewing area, adult activity on land and in flight always comes with a bit of luck, there is no specific time when they come back. Please contact us for more information on the days viewing.

2016/17 Season

5 Birds back, one of which is Toroa, the 500th chick to hatch on Taiaroa Head in 2007.

We will be closed on Wednesday 19th October 2016, a tree is being removed above Harington Point and will take the whole day to be completed.