Conservation – Save our Seabirds

Royal Albatross are only one of the attractions of Taiaroa Head. Breeding colonies of Spotted and Otago Shags, Royal Spoonbills, Blue Penguins and Fur Seals are just a few of the highlights. Find out how the Department of Conservation rangers look after the wildlife at Taiaroa Head. Investigate how we have had both positive and negative impacts on the animals breeding on Taiaroa Head and think about what you can do to help.

Time: 2 hours
Age Focus: Years 4-8
Curriculum Area: Science (Level 2-4, LW – Achievement Objectives 1-4)
Cost: $4/person

Teachers Guide


Time: Activity:
Arrive, meet guide at reception – please arrive 10 minutes early
0 min Education Room (30 min)
– programme overview and curriculum objectives
– introduce Albatross – short overview of lifecycle
– identify other Birds breeding at Taiaroa Head
– define terms endangered, threatened, least concern
– Assign status to the birds (eg endangered – red)
– Brainstorm threats to the birds (record childrens ideas on whiteboard – discuss later)
30 min Observatory (30 min)
– Albatross / Shag Viewing
– discuss the role of the DoC rangers (display, monitoring board)
– review Toroa and tracking research project)
1 hour Pilots Beach (30 min.)
– follow Human impact trail
– pick up rubbish (introduce trash activity for classroom)
– discuss blue penguin issues
1.5 hours Displays (15 min)
– blue penguin game and/or albatross conservation game
– Scavnger Hunt with conservation theme
Education Rm (15 min)
– Review of curriculum objectives
– Conservation Game – Pass the Parcel Game (if time)
– Brainstorm” How to make Seabirds Happy”
2 hours Depart