Conservation Management of Seabirds

Take part in activities which illustrate the monitoring and protection methods that the rangers use to increase the fledging rate of the Royal Albatross. Weighing birds, trapping predators and assessing hazards are just a few examples of how humans are contributing to a sustainable future.

Time: 2 – 2.25 hours
Cost: $4/person

Conservation Management Teachers Guide

Conservation Management WorkSheet

Time: Activity:
Arrive, meet guide at reception – please arrive 10 minutes early
0 min Tour Room (30 min)
– overview of programme
– introduce concepts of protection, enhancement, monitoring
– introduction worksheet
30 min Observatory (30 min)
– Albatross viewing
– Monitoring activity and worksheet
1 hour Displays (30 min)
– Weighing of chicks
– Enhancement activity and worksheet
1.5 hours Education Room (30 min)
– Albatross protection
– “What would happen If” activity and worksheet
2 hours Education Room (15 min)
– Impact of plastic pollution
– Hands-on-Head wrap-up game
2.25 hours Depart